Sustainable production in Moses Lake.

Of everything in the process chain, the production of carbon fibers requires the most energy. This is why it was important to us that our plant be driven by 100% sustainable energy. The proximity to the Columbia River makes Moses Lake the perfect location for us, since it provides precisely this. 

The area around the Columbia River has the world's best developed river system. The Wanapum and Priest Rapids dams provide our plant with 100% renewable energy thanks to hydroelectric power. As a result, we have the most sustainable carbon fiber plant in the world.

The ACF plant in Moses Lake has been awarded the LEED Gold Medal.

The LEED (Leadership in Environmental & Energy Design) building certification system is the standard for sustainable, high-quality, ecologically sound buildings. LEED defines precise standards in the fields of site design, water and energy usage, building materials and environmentally-friendly interior design.