We stand for innovation.

Until now, the production of carbon fiber has been a very complex and expensive process. Originally, all production was carried out by hand and therefore the output was small. We are now the first company in the world to achieve series production on this scale.

We manufacture three products: carbon fibers, carbon fiber fabrics and a non-woven complex.

The facility in Moses Lake, Washington State, located on the Columbia River, is the most sustainable carbon fiber plant in the world as the production of the fibers is achieved using 100% renewable energy, hydropower. Here carbon fibers are produced by means of oxidation and carbonization.

The second production facility is located in the Bavarian town of Wackersdorf, Germany in the BMW Group Innovation Park. It is here that the carbon fibers are woven into carbon fiber fabrics.

Wackersdorf is also where the recycling processes are implemented, resulting in a non-woven complex. This recycled non-woven fabric is a new innovation that did not previously exist in this form and now it can be converted back into vehicles including the roof and rear seat. This enables a self-contained production cycle.

Finished components composed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) offer spectacular advantages for the automotive industry. The material has a lower net weight than aluminum or steel and is also incredibly resistant. Its properties also make entirely new vehicle designs possible.