Recycling products.

We have developed innovative processes to recycle carbon fibers that will yield exceptional benefits for the automotive industry.
For example, our recycled materials are used in the roof of the new BMW i models and in the rear seat of BMW i3. In total, 10% of the CFRP materials used in the BMW i vehicles is recycled material. Our recycling material will be used in the new BMW 7, too.


Recycling means that the valuable carbon fibers are re-used thus saving resources. The use of recycled materials significantly contributes to lowering costs in the CFRP manufacturing process. Putting recycled materials back into vehicles closes the materials loop; this was our aim from the outset based on our sustainability concept.

Closing the materials loop in the automotive industry.

Recycling – a key element in the spread of CFRPs in the automotive industry.

Our recycled products are also sold on to third party customers via our parent company, the SGL Group.